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A homestay is an accommodation at the residence of a local homestay host / host family who will integrate the guest into their daily life. This way the guest has the opportunity to learn more about the culture of the travel destination and can more easily practice a foreign language in everyday situations. Furthermore, both sides can experience cultural exchanges. This makes a homestay the best choice for students living abroad as well as for culturally inspired travelers. Some homestay accommodations are available also for short stays. These are also an excellent option during popular events such as concerts, trade fairs or championships when hotels are extremely expensive or fully booked.
If you are interested in both the language itself and also learning about the lifestyle, habits and customs of the host during your stay, then you will find that living with a host family is the perfect choice. You’ll enrich your understanding of the local culture and customs, pick up expressions and slang with greater ease, and your accent will sound more authentic.
A variety of homestays are available, including families with or without children as well as single households. The provision of meals varies depending on the location. A lot of host families are not living in the city centre. This means that you will have to walk a bit and/or go by public transportation to the school. It is very important to let us know if you suffer from any allergies or medical conditions so that we can inform the host family. Students who live in a host family can improve their language skills dramatically through daily conversations with the family members. We also suggest that you take some pictures of your family, friends and home as these can act as useful props for discussion. The greatest reward for the students and families is the deep, lasting friendship between them.

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